Month: February 2016

GateKeeper 2.0 Review

The “GateKeeper” is an innovative security accessory – designed to instantly unlock your computer when you walk within a short distance of it with the device on you. It’s versatility allows it to be casually taken with you, for example, on your key chain. It serves as both a convenience and security measure. Setup Setup […]

Sony Xperia X Series Released

We remember that in the previous article written by Yash Khaitan we talked about the Sony Xperia coming in early of 2016, well that wish has come true. The Sony Xperia X series was released at MWC few days back. Sony released 3 types of the Xperia X. Xperia XA Specs IT has a MediaTek […]

Review: Razer Naga

You have just recently got into gaming. You have a sufficient amount of money and want to buy a good mouse that can play a good amount of games well. If this is you, I recommend the Razer Naga! Features: Let’s talk about the great features of this mouse. It’s got 5 functions on the […]

LG X Series Officially Released

You all know that this week is MWC 2016 and many phones are already released. This includes the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, LG G5, Sony Xperia X, XA and X Performance, the LG X Screen and Cam etc. All of the articles will be up sometime this week or next week. Anyway lets […]

LG G5 Officaly Released

As many of you may know LG finally released ¬†the LG G5 with major changes from from the LG G4 released last year. This was all released at MWC in Barcelona, Spain. This is going to be a busy week for us TechBerge. Anyway keep reading to find out more. Design Well as rumored in […]

Sony a6300 | Best 4K Camera for $1000?

Its only been about 2 years since the release of the a6000 but the consumers wanted more and newer features. Now Sony’s new a6300 might just be the best 4K camera for only $1000. Keep reading to find out more. Sony claimed in the announcement that this revolutionary camera can lock focus on one of […]

LG Announcing New Smartphone Series?

LG has been known for making new and creative phones the past few years. Now they are saying that LG will be announcing a new smartphone series the X series. Keep reading to find out more. X Screen LG says that this is a new “mid-range phone” with a 4.93 inch primary display. Just like […]