Month: January 2016

Gaming PC Build | $370 AMD Edition

Welcome to the $370 Super Budget Gaming PC Build AMD Edition. This PC isn’t about getting 1000 fps on ultra settings on 4k or anything like that. This PC is for 1080 p gaming with possible upgrades later to play 4k. All components are linked with the pcpartpicker link below. Also we would like to […]

Circuit City: Back From the Dead?

Is the tech store which closed most of its stores back in 2008-2009 back? You guys probably    herd of a tech store Circuit City somewhere. This was the 2nd largest tech store after Best Buy back in 2008 before its closing. Keep reading to find out more on what happened and what will be […]

Gaming PC Build : $1200 Intel Skylake (With Peripherals)

Ever since the “Gaming PC Build | $300 Intel Edition” our primary responses from you were complaints about variety, and people who simply don’t require budget components. Today, I present to you the $1,200 PC build, Intel Skylake edition. Prices may vary over time. This build is targeting performance and compatibility, while keeping an eye […]

Uber Tracking Drivers for Enhanced Security

Uber is currently the most popular on-demand taxi service application, right beside Lyft. The convenience of being able to summon a self-employed car-driver from your smartphone is one of the greatest achievements in modern technology. There are some cons in comparison to a normal taxi service, one is safety. While Uber is intelligent and making […]

The Best Motherboards | Intel Edition LGA 1150

Choosing motherboards may seem very easy to some people. You probably think the cheapest or a low priced one that’s compatible is good. The truth is cheaper motherboards have limited features  and limited upgradability in the future. Then you might be thinking that what should I get instead? Well keep reading to find out the […]

GoPro and Periscope Introduced

Action cameras have now been redefined. Twitter and GoPro have made an interesting collaboration, bringing the platform Periscope‘s livestreaming to the most popular action camera, the GoPro Hero series. Periscope is powered and run by Twitter, and is a downloadable mobile app as well, used by just about anyone with a Twitter account – that’s […]

Top Budget Peripherals for Gaming

We all know that peripherals like mice and keyboards can cost few hundred dollars. The Logitech and Razor peripherals might be just expensive or overkill for some people. The LG wide screen curved 4k display also might be too expensive so today I will show you the top 5 budget peripherals for gaming. Also because […]

HTC One M10 Rumor Roundup

HTC has been continuing their legacy since the 1990’s. They have released amazing products, setting new standards for building quality and functionality in smartphones for years to come. Their HTC M series is one of their most popular – and a new one is set to arrive soon. HTC One launches are traditionally held just […]

Apple and VR: Speculation

Apple isn’t exactly the type of company to make VR, as it is commonly made fun of, as seen with the Google Glass project a couple years back, and even today, while VR isn’t as much of a dream anymore, it looks unusual at first glance. However Apple is unpredictable, but when they get found […]