Author: James Fu

Moto 360 Sport Review | Budget GPS Watch

The Moto 360 made a huge splash when it was announced alongside with Android Wear. It was by far the best-looking smartwatch at the time, featuring an eye-catching circular design. However, it still suffered problems like mediocre battery life and sluggish underbaked software. But, that was over two years ago. In two years, a lot has […]

Withings Go | Functionality Over Aesthetics

The Withings Go definitely isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing fitness tracker we’ve reviewed, but it has nearly unbeatable battery life and proves that basics are enough. At a price of $79.95, the Withings Go certainly seems looks a lot cheaper. The main problem I had with this tracker is the build quality. The entire screen is constructed of plastic […]

Cruzerlite Spartan Review

Cruzerlite is a staple throughout the Android community. Well known for their Android Bugdroid cases, and incredible durability, Cruzerlite offers high protection cases at low prices. (Nexus 5 Drop Test with Cruzerlite Bugdroid) Cruzerlite presents the premium line of TPU and Polycarbonate cases. Standing out from other cases with its unique design, the Cruzerlite Spartan for […]

Mi Band 2 Review | Fitbit Killer

The Mi Band 2 is the latest fitness tracker from Chinese tech giant Xiaomi. The Mi Band 2 keeps all the features of its predecessor, but adds what we’ve all been anticipating – a screen. The screen shows you information such as the time, the number of steps, the distance, the calories, heart rate, and […]

The NoPhone Selfie – Best Budget Phone.

There are many great budget phones out in the smartphone market. Phones like the Honor 5x, Alcatel Idol 4s and Moto G4 are tough contenders in the budget smartphone market. Fortunately, the $15 dollar NoPhone Selfie can outperform any budget smartphone. In fact, the NoPhone can outperform any smartphone to date. With a cheap price, a flawless […]

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker Review: Perfect for MI

A while back, Xiaomi released a new bluetooth speaker. Like all Xiaomi products I’ve used, there’s one way to put it – simply breathtaking. For twenty dollars, I’ve never expected anything like this. This speaker packs two strong stereo speakers into a sleek package, and has metal edges, making it a hard to beat speaker […]

Nexus 5X: Mid-range Phone, Budget Price

The Nexus 5X is a great choice for people looking for a decent midrange phone with an awesome camera. Although the Nexus 5X may not be as big and bad as its bigger brother, the Nexus 6P, it does offer a lot, especially considering the price tag. With an activation of Project Fi, you can get the […]

Android N Review

Faster than ever, the newest version of Android – N, is right around the corner. It’s been just a couple months since Google released Android Marshmallow, and Google has already released the developer preview and it is now available for download. Please note that this software is NOT finalized (hence the words “developer” and “preview” and is definitely […]

Nexus 6P vs. iPhone 6s: Google vs. Apple

A couple of months ago, Apple and Google have released their two latest devices: The Nexus 6P and the iPhone 6s. Both phones are very fast, and although the Nexus 6P (powered by a Snapdragon 810 processor) has higher end specs and a snappier processor; Apple proves optimization, not hardware is key.   Battery life: […]