Author: Koji Hirai

Huawei Honor 8: Dual Cameras – A new standard?

Mid-range Android phones have became a popular choice for consumers due to their price and performance. Earlier this year, Huawei released the well-known budget phone, the Huawei Honor 5X. Just recently, Huawei recently released a new device, this time available to the United States market. The Honor 5X from earlier this was a great success. It had a premium aluminum […]

Beginner’s Guide to Drones

Probably the hardest thing you will face when starting to become a drone flyer is to choose  the right drone for you, your skill and budget. Well today I am going to help you find your match out of these 5 drones that stood out for some reason.   Syma X8HG RC Drone – $96.50 […]

Xiaomi Mi Band Review | Better than the rest?

Chinese company, Xiaomi released their first fitness tracker 2 years ago. For $15 they managed to make a device that not only tracks how many steps you have taken, but also tracks how long you slept and gives you notifications. Lets see how well it does compared to the other fitness trackers like the Fitbit or […]

Can you Game? #2| Dell XPS 13 QHD+

This was a very popular article back in January and I have decided to make a sequel to that article. This time it’s a much higher end laptop, the Dell XPS 13 QHD+. The FHD version will be part 3 which will come soon. Brief Specs It has the Intel Core i5-5200U CPU with 128GB […]

April PC Build | Better than pre-built?

PC build are back but instead of a weekly schedule it’s monthly. This month is my personal PC. Recently I bought some parts and then built a PC. Not only that but other things as well. For those that don’t believe that I bought and built it check out my video on it soon. Anyway […]

Sony HDR AS200V Review | The GoPro Killer?

[bws_featured_post]Returning visitors would know that a while ago, I did a review of the same camera. However, I decided to take a more in-depth approach with it this time, and tell you more of my experience than simple specs. Specs Just to get it out of the way, here are the specs. This model records […]