Author: Jeff Cheema

Slickwraps Review | Better Than a Case

Thanks for Slickwraps for sending us a skin to review Slickwraps is a company that provides skins for your device. Skins are becoming more popular and affordable to most people. Well lets see if a skin is better than a case. These skins add style to your device without taking away from the design, and […]

Huawei Honor 5x Review: A Killer Budget Phone

Disclaimer: This product was provided for Review by honor USA. I used this device for a period of 30 days. Ever since the OnePlus One’s release a couple years ago, the entire smartphone market has been scrambling to create sub-$300 phones with the same feature list as some of today’s flagships. While the flagship market has barely […]

GateKeeper 2.0 Review

The “GateKeeper” is an innovative security accessory – designed to instantly unlock your computer when you walk within a short distance of it with the device on you. It’s versatility allows it to be casually taken with you, for example, on your key chain. It serves as both a convenience and security measure. Setup Setup […]

An iPhone 5se Might Be Coming

Apple is reportedly making a 4-inch iPhone. Now, 9to5Mac claims to have details on what we should expect. The new phone is believed to be a refined version of the iPhone 5s. Apple is taking the hardware and power of the iPhone 6 and putting in an iPhone 5s chassis.  So this new phone would have […]

If Trump is Elected, iPhone Prices Could Rise

iPhones, the best of the best, and the most elite group of smartphones. They do, however, have a reputation for being stupid expensive, and could get more expensive if republican leading candidate Donald Trump is elected. Well, Donald Trump wants to “make America great again”, so he wants Apple to make all their computers and […]

LG G5 To Be Redesigned Dramatically

Mobile World Congress is only a few weeks away. There, the tech community is expecting LG to go head on with current king of Android, Samsung. Samsung has upped their Android game dramatically in 2015. For LG to compete, they need to improve in a similar way. Previous rumors have given us little bits and […]

Nextbit Robin:First Look

The Nextbit Robin is one of the more unique smartphones that have been announced in the past year. It’s core feature is not something you find on other smartphones such as a fingerprint scanner or an overkill 4K display that no one needs. Rather it manages your storage to the phone. Once plugged in and […]