Review: Razer Naga

You have just recently got into gaming. You have a sufficient amount of money and want to buy a good mouse that can play a good amount of games well. If this is you, I recommend the Razer Naga!



Let’s talk about the great features of this mouse. It’s got 5 functions on the mouse wheel: Scroll up, scroll down, right side click, left side click, and mouse wheel click. Below that it’s got two buttons which can be set to whatever you want using Razer Synapse. This mouse also has 12 buttons on the side which can be rebinded. This mouse is also very sensitive to clicks, which is good. Overall, this mouse is amazing and I recommend this for anyone!


I currently own the 2014 version of this mouse, but the newer ones and the older ones are very similar. This mouse is a bit big for my hand, which is about 6 inches from the thumb to my pinkie when I spread out my hand. A small issue that I had early on was that the mouse would randomly disconnect because the USB was a bit loose.


  • Many buttons that are able to be rebinded
  • Easy to click, very respondent.
  • Comes with Razer Synapse software


  • Plastic feels a bit cheap
  • The USB plug can sometimes be iffy
  • A bit expensive, as gaming mouses go


All in all, I would recommend this mouse for anyone looking for a solid gaming mouse. If you get this mouse, you won’t be let down by the performance!

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