GateKeeper 2.0 Review


The “GateKeeper” is an innovative security accessory – designed to instantly unlock your computer when you walk within a short distance of it with the device on you. It’s versatility allows it to be casually taken with you, for example, on your key chain. It serves as both a convenience and security measure.


Setup was an easy process, put the included battery in the GateKeeper and just download the GateKeeper setup and follow the steps shown. It is very simple, straightforward, with no confusing directions.

Desktop Interface

The settings menu minimal and easy to understand. At the top is a status menu with the mac address of the GateKeeper. Below that there is a signal strength bar that is responsive to how far away your GateKeeper is AND what the set lock range is, which is helpful when determining what setting is right for you. There is a motion bar that indicates the amount of motion there is. At the bottom of the menu is a two-factor authentication option. This is a really good idea since two-factor authentication is becoming more widespread.


The design of the Gatekeeper is minimal with only a button speaker and a battery slot. It has a matte black finish with a logo on the front. The device itself is very small. About the height of a AA battery and the width of a quarter.


Performance of the GateKeeper was good. It recognized me being next to the computer about 80-90% of the time. Sometimes it wouldn’t recognize me being next to computer at all, no matter how much I moved around. This usually happened when the GateKeeper was in my pocket. Taking it out of my pocket instantly fixed the problem. The other trick of the GateKeeper is that it acts as device that rings whenever you press a button on the GateKeeper mobile app. This is by far the worst part of the GateKeeper. First of all, you need to be in bluetooth range for the GateKeeper to be ringed. Second of all, the app and GateKeeper didn’t always connect to the app. I always had to manually repairing the GateKeeper to my phone.








TheĀ GateKeeper is a device that is only for a specific audience. Mostly the people who work in offices and cubicles. The GateKeeper has a lot of potential. Such as the button on the side that doesn’t do anything. GateKeeper on their website claims that there can be future updates in which the button can be used. Although, there is one thing I can for sure say about the GateKeeper is that it is great in it’s core feature. The GateKeeper is next step into having a more automated lifestyle.

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