SSD vs HDD | Which to Buy? QuickTech #3

When building any PC storage is important to store data. The problem is that some people don’t know if they should buy a more expensive SSD (Solid State Drive) or a much cheaper HDD (Hard Drive Disc). Most people will probably buy the least expensive HDD but that may not be the best choice. It’s also not that bad of a choice so which one should I get?

20-178-938-TSHDDs have been around for some time and therefore the prices has dropped. You can buy a 1 TB WD blue drive for around $50. Meanwhile the little newer SSD cost $50-$70 with only 120 GB from brands like Samsung and Kingston. Then the obvious choice is HDD’a right? That isn’t a terrible choice but isn’t the best for some people.
SSD which stands for solid state drive has no physically moving parts like a HDD. This results in a quitter, and faster performance while maintaining a thin and small body. SSD makes your PC snappier and faster. This is also why people who put SSD use them as boot drives. Since it has no moving parts and faster performance it costs more even up to $10,000 at some cases.seagate1tb

There also a HDD or Hard Drive Disk and well the name says it all. It has moving parts that rotate a disk just like a CD or DVD drive. This is a little louder but is way more affordable. This also has a slight downside unlike a SSD this must be firmly mounted on to something that won’t move. It’s because it has the moving disk and can cause data corruptions.

Well then which one should you buy? The answer is your budget. If you have a small budget or people interested in building a $300 – $500 PC you probably want to just buy a HDD and buy a decent GPU. Then if you have a greater budget of $600 and up its definitely worth buying a SSD and HDD to have enough storage and speed for your PC.


Well this may be a surprise for new people to the PC building community but is a simple question for experts and people in this community for a while. Right now the best choice was both SSD and HDD but in the next few years it can change to only SSD. Anyway thanks for reading #3 in QuickTech on SSDs and HDDs. Also if you guys are wondering about why we didn’t have articles this week it’s because I was sick along with 2 others and the rest were attending meetings with clients and going international for other purposes. We will resume to our normal schedule next week.

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