Ultimate Gaming Set: Headphones, Mouse, and Keyboard

There are many gaming “must-have” items. This list is for the serious gamers. We will be going over the headphones, mouse, and keyboard.

Headphones: Kingston HyperX Cloud II

Price: $96.00



These gaming headphones are very high quality. It comes with a complete volume adjuster panel and microphone (removable). It is also very comfortable, which is very important. The sound quality is great and blocks out almost all outside noises (except for that annoying neighbor mowing their grass.) or there dog barking at a house.

Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow Chroma Clicky Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Price: $153.00


This keyboard is very great. The click of the keys is very nice (so I’ve heard) and you can set any key you want to a macro. Additionally, it has RAINBOW KEYS!!!. All aesthetics aside, it is very respondent and does its job very well for gaming.

Mouse: Razer Mamba: Tournament Edition – Chroma

Price: $78.99


If you have a Razer keyboard, you’re obviously going to need a Razer mouse! to complete the puzzle. This mouse is similar to all the other Razer mouses but this one seems to be more overall. It clicks very well, is RAINBOW and has a couple of side buttons you can set to macros.

GRAND TOTAL: $328.99

Like I said, only for the SERIOUS gamers. Have fun gaming!

Edited By: Yash Khaitan

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