New Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens: Video Game Announced

For all you LEGO youngster fans out there, there has been a major announcement today that happened at 6:00 AM Pacific Time. LEGO or the Warner Bros announced that a new Lego Star Wars game will be releasing on June 28 of 2016 as said in the trailer which they also released today on Youtube. This is a really important announcement because it has been since 2011 that a LEGO Star Wars has released and people have forgotten about the LEGO video games for Star Wars so this will catch everybody’s attention.

The Versions

Not to much has been released about the different versions but there will be a Deluxe Edition  and the normal version like other games, but this game will be the first LEGO Game to have a Deluxe Edition which is the best part about this announcement. On the website it says that the Deluxe Edition will come with a Mini LEGO Figure of Finn and a season pass which hasn’t yet been revealed what is going to be in it. This game will be available for PS4, PS3, PSVITA, Xbox One, Xbox 360, WiiU, Nintendo 3DS, and lastly PC.



I feel this is going to be the best LEGO game ever because it has a lot of features like the season pass and a Deluxe Edition. If you want to Pre-Order on the PS4 then click on the following link: LEGO Star Wars: Force Awakens DE – PlayStation 4 Deluxe Edition, if you want Pre-Order on any other consoles the click on the folowing link: LEGO Star Wars For Any Other Console.

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