Intel Core i7 6700k | Is it Worth it? QuickTech #1

We all know that the Intel’s latest CPU the Intel Core i7 6700k is out but costs much more than the others. The 6700K starts at around $400 and can go even higher. Meanwhile the last generation 4790K starts at around $320 depending on the deal. So the question is does the 6700k perform better than the 4790k so much that its worth buying? Keep reading to find out more.

Many sites have been comparing the 2 cpus and most of them said that “in games we only saw a slight improvement in fps number”. ┬áJust with this statement you might think that the 6700k isn’t worth buying but there is more than that. The new 6700k supports the Z170 chipset with the LGA 1151 socket. It also supports DDR4 ram, more pci-e slots and more USB 3. Both chips also support overclocking to about 4 to 4.7 GHz depending on model.(4760k or 6700k). They both have 8M cache, 4 cores, 8 threads, and some more. The 6700k also uses more power than the 4760k but only by 3 watts. The newer 6700k has better Intel HD Graphics and better output resolution. They both also have turbo boost 2.0.

Should you buy the 6700k?

Well if you can afford the cost sure go ahead. The 6700k chip costs more, the RAM, and motherboard all cost more but it is worth it if you are going to edit video and play games on multiple monitor at 4k resolution. The 4790k costs less for everything and performs pretty well. Like most of us who can’t spend a fortune for their PC, the 4790k is the one you should buy. Guys also don’t think like some other technology and that the older it gets the cheaper it gets because Intel doesn’t do that. The older cpus just disappear from the market except in the used section. Anyway until another new Intel or AMD cpu comes out the 4790k is the one to use. Of course the games might run better on the 6700k but right now its not a huge difference in performance.

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Anyway thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed this first article of the QuickTech series where I write shorter articles. Remember to come back daily for new content.

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