Uber Tracking Drivers for Enhanced Security

Uber is currently the most popular on-demand taxi service application, right beside Lyft. The convenience of being able to summon a self-employed car-driver from your smartphone is one of the greatest achievements in modern technology. There are some cons in comparison to a normal taxi service, one is safety. While Uber is intelligent and making sure only real and legitimate drivers can be registered, besides that, the driver might just be bad at driving.

photo from theverge.com
photo from theverge.com

There are features such as rating a driver based on stars, and writing a review or a complaint, however for general safety protocols, Uber has now been confirmed to be tracking drivers on their safety habits. This isn’t bad by any means, and it is for the passengers safety, and since the service is based on smartphone applications, it would make sense to track driver’s phones since they register and call Uber taxi’s on them.

The protocol tracks how frequently the driver brakes, general speed rules, and more traffic safety data. It is unconfirmed whether they enforce based on the data received, or for how long Uber has been tracking, however this is certainly a comfort for Uber passengers. To the drivers, however, pressure’s on. For most, hopefully, no problems will come up as Uber drivers have the intention of getting rated well, and paid well.

This also shows that the possibilities and convenience of smartphone applications are endless, and can be monitored and efficient using the smartphone’s technology itself.

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