GoPro and Periscope Introduced

Action cameras have now been redefined.

Twitter and GoPro have made an interesting collaboration, bringing the platform Periscope‘s livestreaming to the most popular action camera, the GoPro Hero series. Periscope is powered and run by Twitter, and is a downloadable mobile app as well, used by just about anyone with a Twitter account – that’s the only requirement.

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The service instantly gained popularity, as instead of livestreams being confined to the app hosting it, it is brought to the enormous Twitter network, which meant that if you could gain a following on Twitter, you would automatically have a following on Periscope. A clever and intelligent move from twitter, as livestreaming is one of the only service given only adequate attention. Popular services such as Younow and Ustream had a decent population and had some valuable features, but lacked a proper ecosystem in which livestreaming could be done.

GoPro, on the other hand, has been the top in action cameras since day one. Cameras have been around forever, and could be used for sports and intense videography with proper adjustment, but GoPro took it a step further. It was small, wide-angled, and now the GoPro Hero 4 features full-frame 4k cinematic quality video. All in a tiny footprint.

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While it was pricey, and there are now cheaper alternatives, such as the Xiaomi Yi, GoPro was one of the first in the market, and has always had the best quality. Anything from sports, to strategic camera placement, the GoPro could easily handle, coming with it’s own mounting accessories, and a display on the latest models. But like any other camera, all the video files were stored on an SD card to be transferred later on, or sent through WiFi to a smartphone or tablet. That has recently changed, thanks to Periscope.

Signing up for Periscope is easy, with your attached Twitter account and some setup, you’re ready to stream within minutes. And in theory, streaming on the GoPro is just as simple, connecting your Periscope/Twitter account, possible making a WiFi connection to your phone, and having beautiful action cinematography streaming to smartphones all around the world. That’s the intention, anyways.

This only helps both Periscope and GoPro, expanding what you can do with the service and camera. This makes it even more easier than it already was to share footage from the camera, and can be a truly immersive experience, with the wideframe angles and hopefully-epic content soon to be streamed.

GoPro HERO4 BLACK 4K Action Camera

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