The Pebble Classic: Is It Still Worth It?


The Pebble Classic was one of the first true smartwatches on the market, not just some knock off. I have one for myself. I had it for about a year now. I bought it for $100, Now it is $70. The Pebble brings great battery life, a good interface, and great app support in a well built package.


There is nothing much to say about the design except that it is made out of plastic. The watch sits on wrist comfortably. The buttons are a bit mushy. There are three buttons on the right. The upmost one is up. The middle button is select. The lowermost button is down. The right side is the home to the back button and the magnetic charging port. The charging port is quite low profile. The display sits under a piece of glass. The design isn’t going to receive any awards anytime soon, but for $70, I am not complaining.


The display is great. The outdoor visibility is better than most other watch out there, well except a Pebble. The display is 1.26 inches with a resolution of 144×168. It’s an okay resolution. The black and white color spectrum is fine for me because I’m not the kind of person who watches YouTube on my watch. The display is very power efficient, in return the battery life is about 5-7 days long. Backlight works as needed, it has 5 brightness options: low, medium, high, and blinding(as of the 3.8 firmware update). Also, the display is always on.


The new Pebble Classic update bring the timeline feature from the Pebble Time and removes the 8 app limit. It also bring the new animations that were found throughout the Pebble Time. The main menu is jut a list of apps with a icon to the left of the app name. As for the settings app looks the same as the main menu, but with no icons. The rest of the interface is fairly minimal.


After two years the Pebble Classic has held up, and more so held the up the Pebble brand. It held up well, and Pebble has to be thanked for that as they still support the Classic by pushing out software updates. They also don’t tell you they can’t help you with your watch because it is “not supported anymore.”  Right now, at the $70 price tag, the Classic is a great step in to smartwatch market.

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