USB-C Mini Dock: A must need for Today’s World.

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With laptops today becoming thinner, they have to compromise in some areas. Most of the time, this results in fewer ports.

The most obvious solution to this is USB hubs/Docks. Some are too small, too big, and sometimes overkill. But Accell saves the day with a mini dock.


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With a sleek and clean design that manages to look good without compromising functionality, a feat that only a few docks can pull off.

The ports are simple, 1 USB-A 2.0, USB C (Charging supported), and an HDMI 2.0 port. All the ports work fairly consistently and has not failed me once. For me this is just what I need to go along with my Razer Blade Stealth.

The design is simple with a color scheme that is simpler. A strip of glossy plastic with the logo and the rest being just plain black plastic. There is a USB-C cable that is integrated in the design and can be tucked away easily.

The one major down side is the price, coming in at 69.99 USD, this definitely takes a bite out of your wallet. Although there are cheaper option, they fail to have the reliability of Accell’s.

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