Top Tech Gifts For The Holidays ThermoPeanut

The journey towards a smart home has been great, with a number of companies that have made day-to-day products that can connect to the internet. has brought its own product to the “Internet of Things” line, the “ThermoPeanut.” It’s a cute looking thermometer that has lots of capability and works to make it easy for you to monitor the temperature at home wherever you are. It’s a great gift at the price

The ThermoPeanut by is small and has an extremely slim profile. It’s extremely lightweight and can be placed wherever you want. It can be stuck onto the wall, and it comes with a clip, so you can put it in your car or attach it to your belt. It comes in a number of colors and can blend in your room well. It has a plastic finish and a button which you can press to send the current temperature to your phone.

The ThermoPeanut has an app to help you pair with it and look at the temperature regularly from. Setup is not too complicated, but updating the firmware does take more time than you would expect. The app has a chart to display the changes in temperature over a long range of time. The app can alert you when the temperature gets out of a certain zone, which is great when you aim to maintain a certain temperature. The ThermoPeanut is perfect for anyone who just wants to get to know their temperature in a slim profile, but it can do much more than that. You can connect the Peanut to IFTTT and create applets for temperature control with Nest or change the color of the lights with Phillips Hue when the temperature is at certain levels.

The ThermoPeanut is a wonderful addition for anyone who wants a connected home. It serves every purpose it was created for, and at $29, it’s a wonderful smart product. If you have other products connected to the internet then it would be perfect to control every element of your home. With the upcoming holiday season, the ThermoPeanut is a great product to pick up and gift to someone you truly care about. Click here to head on over to the ThermoPeanut site and order one today.


Lumo Lift

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The Lumo Lift is a device I would recommend to anyone. It’s one of the best posture trainers, and it works by vibrating whenever you slouch. It’s a very effective device and a perfect buy if your new year’s resolution is to stop slouching and to build a better posture.

The Lumo Lift has a slim profile and blends in with your daily lifestyle. It sticks onto your shirt using magnets which are sure to not let it fall off. It may seem a little bit strange on your first day trying it on, but after some time, you won’t even realize it’s there. The charger looks fairly modern and attaches to the device just like MagSafe on a Mac, which is extremely easy and not bothersome at all.

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For functionality, the Lumo Lift performs extremely well. You have to download an app onto your phone, which supports both Android and iOS. The app uses Bluetooth to connect to the Lift and the pairing process is quick and easy. After it pairs, it takes a few minutes to update the firmware on the device and you can soon start using the Lift. You need to set a target posture and press the lift, after which it buzzes three times, and then you are ready to go. Whenever you slouch, the Lift vibrates to remind you to keep your back straight. If you want to disable the posture feedback, you can long press on the lift and it will buzz twice indicating that it has done so. All of this happens seamlessly and makes the Lumo Lift a perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t want too many complications.

The Lumo Lift is originally at $99.99 but you can save $20 and get it for $79.99. It may be on the pricey side, but if you want to fix your posture, which may be something you really want to do, then the Lumo Lift is the best option out in the market. Click here to head on over to the site and order a Lift today.

Olixar Drop and Play Speakers

There are so many Bluetooth speakers out in the market, and the worst part about buying one is finding which one you really want that is worth the price. Olixar has designed an easy to use and innovative speaker that is a perfect holiday gift.

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The speakers are relatively small at about the size of your phone. They work without any real connection – while you play the music, you simply have to drop your phone onto the speakers. The bottom of your phone must be aligned with the sound icons on the speaker and the speaker automatically mirrors the sound created by your phone at a higher volume. This makes the speakers wonderful for anyone who doesn’t want the complication of Bluetooth connections or just a pretty cool device that works in a way no other wireless speakers work. It comes with a microUSB cable to charge it and an AUX cable in case you want to connect it to any phone using that. Click here to head on over to the site and order the wireless speaker today.

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