myCharge Razor Platinum Powerbank Review | Best one yet

Many apps like Pokemon Go has been killing our batteries lately. With all of the data and battery usage, many people have decided to purchase powerbanks or portable charger to keep their devices charges up.  There are thousands of options at this point and choosing one is not an easy choice. Many of them are cheap and doesn’t work or, bulky and heavy for everyday use. I personally have a powerbanks that takes 12 to 14 hours to charge because of the huge capacity of 20,100 mAh. I also have one that take 6-7 hours even with only 10,100 mAh. These take way to long to charge. This is where the myCharge Razor Platinum comes in.


The design is great with a simple metal body with only the small nicely printed logo. The tops and bottoms are very glossy plastic. However in this case the glossy plastic actually match with the uni-body design. The top has the USB ports. 1 USB in and 1 USB type C input and 1 USB type C output. This powerbank has no button whatsoever. You simply shake to look at battery level and to start charging. I personally love the choice of no buttons which makes the device look cleaner and smooth. The battery bank is pretty heavy and has a premium feel to it. Not those cheap plastic powerbanks.

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This battery bank performed very well in the 3 weeks I used it. The battery takes about 1 to 2 hours to charge via USB C using a 2A wall adapter. Your device charges much faster than the wall. I put this battery in my bag with many cables and keys where it has chances of scratching. However I didn’t get a single permanent scratch. I got some scratches but they wiped off nicely. I did have a few problems. The first one is that the charging cable is way way too short. From the tip to tip the cable is about 2 inches long. Why? Why? This made recharging harder since your can’t just let the battery hang because it’s too heavy. I had to get an extension cable to my desk and charge it there. The other problem I had was the USB ports. When you finish charging your phone and try to remove the cable from the battery it won’t come out. This freaked me out a few times. It won’t come out with a hard tug or a light tug. You just have to keep trying and eventually you can take it out with no force. I am sure they did this so the cable won’t come off during charging which does happen with other device but this is too much.

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Honestly this is the best powerbank I used. While some other may be better for capacity or size, I think this is the best “all round” powerbank out there. The charging is very quick compared to my other batteries and can even charge MacBooks. The cable issue and the USB issue could improve but it’s workable for me personally. Plus if it bugs me that much I could buy a USB C cable off Amazon for a few dollars and a few cents from Gearbest. This device however comes at a steep price. It retails for $99.99 USD from myCharge and Best Buy. This is a high price to pay but in return you get the best powerbank in my opinion. Fast recharge, macbook compatible, nice metal design and everything is just great. This doesn’t happen with many products but this product just earned a spot in my daily backpack replacing my old powerbanks. My dailydriver powerbank until a competitor beats this powerbank in some way.

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