Rocketbook Wave | The Solution to All Your Notebook Needs

Ever find yourself burning through notebooks? The Rocketbook Wave might be the perfect solution to all your notebook needs.

The Rocketbook Wave is a reusable, cloud-ready “smart” notebook, and it stores your old notes in the cloud platform of your choice. The notebook comes included with a Pilot FriXion pen. It is an extremely helpful tool, and makes saving, organizing, and sharing pages a breeze. You can save your notes to cloud platforms such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs, or your email address.

It’s simple to use. After you fill up the Rocketbook, just place a mug on top of the notebook and throw it in the microwave for a couple minutes and you have yourself a clean notebook.

The software is also really nice. It quickly identifies and processes the image, and blasts your notes off into the cloud.

Unfortunately, the Rocketbook won’t be the last notebook you’ll ever buy. It’s reusable, but will probably only be good for 5-6 uses. After writing and microwaving several times, the old writing will remain faded, but visible. Luckily, the software will not not show the old writing, but it’s just something to note if you choose to buy the Rocketbook.

Should you still buy the Rocketbook? If you fill up a lot of notebooks or want an easy way to organize your notes, or if you want to be environmentally friendly and save paper (and the pain of buying new notebooks), the Rocketbook might just be the perfect notebook for you. Interested in getting one for yourself? Head over to the Rocketbook Website.

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