Moto 360 Sport Review | Budget GPS Watch

The Moto 360 made a huge splash when it was announced alongside with Android Wear. It was by far the best-looking smartwatch at the time, featuring an eye-catching circular design. However, it still suffered problems like mediocre battery life and sluggish underbaked software. But, that was over two years ago. In two years, a lot has changed in the wearable market. With serious competition from companies like Fitbit and Apple, has Motorola improved on what it has to offer?

Design and Build Quality: Let’s face it, the Moto 360 is no Apple Watch Hermès, or a Huawei Watch. But looks aren’t what Motorola is going for here. The Moto 360 comes in 3 colors – Black, White, and Flame Orange. Fortunately, the Moto 360 doesn’t look too bad. It just doesn’t look as good as some of its classier competition. Rather than focusing on looks, the Moto 360 is an Android wear smartwatch focused on fitness and sports. The watch isn’t expensive, you can find it on Amazon for under $150. It doesn’t look or feel expensive either, but again, thats not what Motorola is going for here. The strap is made from a silicone rubber, so comfortable you can even wear it in your sleep. However, I wish Motorola went with a metal fastener instead of a plastic fastener, which can break easily and feels cheap. The strap is also sweat and water resistant and features air vents at the sides, to keep your wrist cool during a run. Although the strap is water and sweat resistant, it isn’t dust resistant. The Motorola 360 goes with dust like fish and chips go together. The display is great, and it features Motorola’s “Anylight Display”. The screen is easily readable even in direct sunlight. However, the screen turns purplish under direct sunlight.

Features and Tracking: The Moto 360 Sports main selling point is that it has a built in GPS, and a ton of other features. Other features include a heart rate sensor, Motorola’s “Anylight Display”, and an altimeter. You won’t find a truckload of features at such a reasonable price elsewhere.

Battery: The Moto 360 Sport packs a 300mAh battery, which on paper, might not sound like much. However, battery life has been surprisingly decent, even with Always On Display enabled. After a full day of use (6 AM- 11 PM) I ended most days with 30-40%.

Summary: The Moto 360 Sport might not be the “latest and greatest”, but if you’re an aspiring athlete and want a decent smartwatch to track steps and health, this is the watch for you. The Moto 360 Sport comes at a reasonable price and with a truckload of features. However, software as well as water-resistance should be improved, as it is a watch intended for athletes.


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