Sporty Headphones that Aim High | Jabra Move Wireless


It’s always hard to find the perfect set of headphones. There are some that don’t sound good, some that don’t have a nice fit, and some that just don’t stand out. Jabra has brought another pair of Bluetooth headphones to the table, giving daily commuters a chance to have headphones with a slim profile and stylish look. They bring impressive performance at a low price, at just about $99.99 as of October 2016.


The Jabra Move Heaphones have a friendly and minimalistic look. They come in three colors – black, red, and blue. All three look great, and it’s wonderful how Jabra gives users a number of options for what best suits their needs. The fabric that coats the headband is soft and breathable, making the headphones super lightweight. The headband has a metal spine which holds everything together, and this also makes the headphones quite flexible. The wires that flow through the headband and connect the ear pads are coated with some sort of flexible material, but are quite fragile as they can bend easily. Each ear cup is coated with a piece of plastic that comes in whatever color you choose. On the right side is a Micro-USB port for charging and a button that gives you three options – on, off, or connect through Bluetooth. On the left side stands the headphone port – the headphones come with an extra pair of wires that have two headphone jacks on each side and can be used without Bluetooth. Also, on the left side are buttons for increasing and decreasing the volume and for pausing whatever you are playing.

The headphones certainly look great – they have a mixture of color and don’t add too much weight at the same time which is ideal for anyone. They don’t feel cheap either, and the optional headphone jack is great for phones that don’t support bluetooth or for phones that actually have a jack.

Battery & Audio Quality

The battery of the Jabra Move is definitely a factor that makes the headphones very admirable. Jabra claims that they last up to 8 hours of use and 12 hours of standby time. I found them to last me over a week without the need for a charge, with an average use of 45 minutes – 1 hour per day. This is great for commuters – the headphones just take away from your worries. The audio quality of the Move Wireless is great, although it may have a split second of audio breakage. It may not compete with headphones from Bose or Audio-Technica, but it is definitely worth the price at a hundred dollars.


The Jabra is perfect for anyone who just wants to listen to music without having to have wires dangling everywhere. If you are a commuter who wants something that you can take around, it’s great. The problem is that Jabra doesn’t send a case or something to keep your headphones in while moving around, but there are always ways to do so. I would recommend the Move Wireless to anyone for an affordable, reliable, and minimalist headphone experience.

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