The Cleaning device for you! iRoller and iRoller Mini

Ahh, that nice feeling when you peel off that plastic off your new device. The glossy, black screen on your phone. Next thing you know the glossy Black screen becomes dull and grey. All because of our fingers. You tried washing it, spraying something but all of these made a mess and didn’t work. The frustration is real. Meet the iRoller and the iRoller Mini. The screen without doubt is most used and touched part of your device. It can get dirty in days or even hours. Some phones aren’t waterproof so you can’t wash it and the spray method makes a mess. The microfiber is not always the best and smears the prints. So this is where this gadget comes in. The iRoller is what you need to solve this problem once and for all. No liquid, compact size and it’s great.

The design is very minimalistic and compact. Even with the largest model the iRoller, it’s about as tall as the iPhone 5s or SE. The smaller version is probably a fourth to half and inch smaller. The iRoller Mini is the perfect size for most smartphones bigger then the 5s. The iRoller is more meant for tablets like iPads etc.

This by far was the easiest thing I used in forever. Understandable without directions for most people. You slide one part of the casing where the notch is. Then peel the plastic cover protecting it and you are good to go. The same goes with the Mini. Slide and peel. Then you roll the iRoller on the screen you want to clean. When you are finished you slide the casing back on to align the 2 silver dots. That’s it very simple. Then you can throw it into your bag, backpack or even your pocket

The results were amazing!!! This is the most effective and quick screen cleaner I have ever seen. Open slide close done. The screen is clean like new, very shinny. I also noticed that once you clean the screen it’s harder to put fingerprints on the device for a little bit. It probably has something that prevent fingerprints from going on there.

This is the best screen cleaner out there! Very simple, easy to use, and very effective. After my use the sticky part did not get too dirty and seemed like it will last forever. This cleans, and protects your important screen so we can all have a great experience. A lot of times these great products have a price tag you can’t even look at but this is different. It goes for only $20 on Amazon. For $20 and the fact that it’s very effective this is a great choice. Also if you are looking for cleaners for glasses they’ve got you covered. We also check those out here!!


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