Slickwraps for the Nexus 6P | The Ultimate Phone Customization?

You’re surfing the web, searching for a case for your Nexus 6P. Then, you come across Slickwraps. They make skins for phones, which are textured stickers that you stick on your phone to add flavor to it. The skins come in various colors and designs as a new way to completely customize your phone.

Skin or Case?

If you want something not too bulky that can protect the metal of your phone from day to day scratches, then skins are for you. They look like stickers out of the box and you must watch the installation video to make sure that you properly install the skin. You go through the video once, twice, and the installation video makes everything look super simple. The problem with the Nexus 6P is that it has these tiny parts everywhere which make installation extremely complicated. This may be a big factor that may point in the opposite direction of buying a skin, and you may prefer buying a sleek case to guard your phone against day to day drops. Unless you are a complete hardcore phone customizer, it is almost impossible to get the skin on perfectly. I had to remove it a few times and put it on again before it looked like it had a nice fit. After that, it looked absolutely gorgeous.








Slickwraps skins do not have any problems with fits and cutouts – the wrap around your buttons perfectly.
On your first few days with the skin, it is important to not let your phone get near any moisture – the thin sides can easily slide off. The skin solidifies onto your phone after a full week, but after that, it just becomes a part of your phone You can feel free to buy a clear case to put on top of the skin if you want or you can stick to the clean look of the sole skin on the phone. The gold skin looks absolutely stylish, it sparkles in the sun and adds flavor to whichever color your Nexus 6P is. I preferred white carbon fiber, it had much more of a professional look that blends in with the environment. You can buy multiple skins and add certain parts to your phone such as gold for the camera bump and white carbon fiber for the rest of the phone to create whatever look you aim for.

If you’re searching for the ultimate way to customize your phone, then Slickwraps is the perfect option.

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