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The Moov Now
The Moov Now

In an ocean of fitness trackers, it’s always going to be difficult to find one that serves your needs. Moov has created a new type of fitness tracker, one that serves a different purpose from the ones already out there. The Moov Now is a fitness coach that tracks your movements while exercising and gives you tips and advice to reach your fitness goals. It can track you while swimming, running, walking, boxing, biking, and in cardio activities. Unlike watches and bands from companies like Fitbit, Misfit, Xiaomi and Withings the Moov Now is what will help you reach your goals and lose some weight – literally, it will keep you on your feet to beat your goals.

Aesthetics and Battery Life
At first, the Moov Now may look like some cheap band when you take it out of the box – it looks like something from another universe, completely alien, certainly not something that you would wear to a business meeting. It comes in a number of colors which is great as it gives you full customizability. After the first few days, the alien look does kind of stand out from all the standard designs I have seen – by looking at it, you can definitely tell that it’s something more than just a band on your arm. According to Moov, the battery lasts for about six months, due to a few reasons, one being that the device doesn’t even have a display. This means that it doesn’t display the time, and yes, for all of those who thought that this was a watch, the Moov Now is not something that you will be peeking at every five minutes of the day. The lack of a display may be a negative factor for many consumers, but the Moov Now is waterproof and loaded with features, so let’s dive right into them.

Tracking and Coaching
The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Fitness Tracker” is a device that counts the number of steps you take every day. However, the Moov Now tracks the amount of active time rather than the number of steps you take. This is quite beneficial – rather than simply telling you how many steps you have, it challenges you to be more active by tracking your active time and giving you medals when you reach milestones such as half an hour, one hour, two hours and such. I found the tracking system to be quite accurate – the device detects your movement by creating a virtual 3D space and mapping your movement in that 3D space. This is a great feature, in fact, I prefer this over step counters as it really pushes you to go outside and take a jog or a walk, whatever it may be. Again, the main purpose of the Moov Now is to train you to improve your endurance and speed while exercising and increase the number of push-ups or pull-ups you do in a certain time. It does so by showing you an example before you start and the band seamlessly catches every push-up, jumping jack, lunge, or sit-up. It comes with an additional band if you want to attach it to your ankle, which is great, as you can choose where you want to keep it. The only negative factor is that it is recommended you have wireless ear or headphones while running to give you spoken advice, meaning that you will have to spend another bucket load of cash to get the full experience out of the Moov Now. Other than that, the Moov Now is a great option.

If you need something that trains you and keeps you on your feet without having to drive to a gym and pay a monthly fee, then the Moov Now is for you. They have created a wonderful product that meets up to their mission and created a “multi-sport wearable coach that talks to you as you work out” (Moov). If you don’t want to buy a wireless headset, then you may consider other options. The Moov now is certainly a wonderful piece of fitness technology that will help you become an

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