TechBerge Update V3 | YouTube, Site Changes

As TechBerge continues to grow we are constantly improving the user experience of our site. Our team is also committed to bringing the highest quality content. These are the major changes made to improve your experience.

Whats New in Update 3?

The first and most major change is YouTube. Back in January we had started a channel but quickly removed it. However we are happy to announce that YouTube is back strong. The YouTube channel will have more detailed reviews, YouTube exclusive content, test footage and much more. It’s an extension to our articles and website which enables us to bring the highest and best content available. Our YouTube Channel is accessible from the tab on the top menu or with the following URL.

The next very important update is your security. Due to recent changes has https. This means that the connection to our site is secure, safe and encrypted. We want our visitors to be safe when they are accessing our site so HTTPS is very important.

Also starting September 12, 2016 (Today) we will take content suggestions, website errors and typos, etc. Please email us at We will try to respond within 48 to 72 hours after your message is received.

Last to improve our user experience and user interface we have launched a new beta program. This new beta program lets users test the new site design and changes before everyone else see it. We can then get feedback from those users and fix issues before the official change. Please email us at if you are interested.



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