Withings Go | Functionality Over Aesthetics

The Withings Go definitely isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing fitness tracker we’ve reviewed, but it has nearly unbeatable battery life and proves that basics are enough.

At a price of $79.95, the Withings Go certainly seems looks a lot cheaper. The main problem I had with this tracker is the build quality. The entire screen is constructed of plastic and scratches easily. The band feels cheap, even compared to the strap found on the $22 Mi Band 2. Fortunately, it fits extremely comfortably on the wrist, so lightweight it has even caused me to forget I was even wearing it.

Tracking: This is where the Withings Go falls short. Tracking is only about 80% accurate, compared to a higher end fitness tracker like the Moto 360 sport. While on a run, I got 3450 steps with the Moto 360 and 4,072 steps with the Withings Go. The Withings Go tends to over count steps. However, over counting steps is a problem present in numerous fitness trackers such as the Fitbit, and both trackers register steps even when playing piano or typing at a desk, which shouldn’t happen in 2016. Albeit its inaccurate step counting, the Withings Go does a great job at tracking sleep accurately and automatically, although naps won’t get recorded.

Battery: I was impressed by the 30 day battery life on the Mi Band 2 I reviewed recently. The Withings Go continues to impress, with battery life lasting nearly 8 months. I have yet to test this, but my current statistics match up to Withings battery claim.

Screen: The screen scratches easily, but the sunlight visibility is no sweat, as the Withings has a e-ink display to help with visibility and battery life. Unfortunately, the e-ink display is not backlight so you won’t be able to check your tracker.

Overall Verdict: 8/10

If you want a simple, lightweight tracker that shows you basic information such as time, the Withings Go is the tracker for you. The Withings Go also automatically tracks biking and swimming, something that many trackers don’t do. However, if you want a more durable fitness tracker and more features at a similar price the Garmin Vivosmart isn’t a bad choice.

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