SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Hybrid Case | Nexus 6P

Supcase has definitely come up with the perfect balance between style and durability in it’s Unicorn Beetle Hybrid Case for the Nexus 6P. Yep, we’re pretty sure that this is the first time you have heard those two words in the same sentence. The name of the case is certainly something that sticks out, but what makes the case stand out from the sea of cases waiting on Amazon for you to buy? Well, let’s find out.

Look & Feel

The Unicorn Beetle Hybrid feels well built – it has a nice bumper protecting the edges from anything trying to dent it, and a frosted transparent back that keeps your favorite Nexus logo shining through. It hides the camera bump on the phone and leaves an iconic cutout for the camera. Ideally, it’s not too thick or bulky,
giving it a big plus on the portability side. Since the bumper is slightly thicker on the bottom and the top of the phone, it makes the phone feel great to hold in landscape mode as it sort of feels like a gamepad. In
case you decide to take a selfie on top of the Eiffel Tower, this case isn’t for you – compared to Spigens large line of cases, the Supcase lacks a great grip, a huge negative factor for the case. The looks are just great – it has a nice industrial finish to it, making it look extremely sleek in your hands. The case looks better on the graphite Nexus 6P – it gives the lighter colors a sort of “dusty” look in the back, which may be a huge minus for those with lighter colored Nexus 6P devices. Other than that, it certainly feels like a premium case. Unfortunately, there is a notable change in the clickiness of the buttons, but they are certainly responsive.


Supcase claims that it’s new product is totally shock resistant as the bumper spreads the force of the impact throughout of body rather than focusing it on the area of impact. In reality, the case is quite durable, with the ability to withstand standard day-to-day drops. The bumper is also thick enough to make sure that your phone’s screen won’t crack if you decide to drop it face down towards the ground. Well, you might be asking, what’s wrong with it? It can get scratched easily – any sharp object can easily create a mark on the frosted back, which won’t look that pretty. This might be the factor that decides whether you should get this case or not. Since the case doesn’t add much bulk to the phone, you might think that it’s not that durable, but again, it can withstand day to day drops. Of course, not the ones from on top of the Empire State Building.



The phone is currently (as of August 22nd, 2016) at a price of $19.99. It’s definitely a bit pricier than most cases you can find on Amazon, which range from anywhere between $1 and a million dollars. For some basic factors such as the lack of scratch resistance on its back, reduction of button responsiveness, and lack of grip, you might decide to grab another case, such as a Spigen clear case. If the aesthetics are a deciding factor for you, then, you should definitely choose this case. After all, it’s a Unicorn Beetle Hybrid.

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