Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker Review: Perfect for MI

A while back, Xiaomi released a new bluetooth speaker. Like all Xiaomi products I’ve used, there’s one way to put it – simply breathtaking. For twenty dollars, I’ve never expected anything like this. This speaker packs two strong stereo speakers into a sleek package, and has metal edges, making it a hard to beat speaker even when compared to speakers two or three times its price. Then we asked the amazing people at Gearbest to send us one.




In the Box and Quick Start

The speaker comes without a wire, but can be charged with a standard micro USB cable. Instructions can be found inside the box, and doubles as packaging for the speaker. Although the instructions are in Chinese, the speaker itself is extremely easy to use. To power it on, just press and hold the button for three seconds. To turn the speaker off, repeat this process. The power button also doubles as a pause/play button for the speaker.


This speaker is small, but it can still get pretty loud. Unlike most budget speakers such as my DKnight Magicbox, this speaker doesn’t get muffled or distorted at high volumes. I personally own an Anker speaker but the Xiaomi speaker sounds so good you can’t even listen to the Anker ones after you hear the Xiaomi ones. In terms of quality, this speaker is pretty durable. Made out of (ABS Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) with metal edges on the sides, I’m expecting it to last quite a while. The size is pretty small at about 15 cm or about 6 inches, about 2 cm thick and about 5 cm tall. Battery life is pretty great, also. The batter is 1500 mah and is just a little smaller than the iPhone 6s battery at around 1800 mah. Boasting more than 10 hours of play time, you won’t have to worry about running out of power. I’ve been using it all week and still haven’t needed to charge it yet. It also features a microphone for calls and uses Bluetooth 4.0. Overall the specs are great, awesome battery and the design this is an awesome product.

Also, huge thanks to Gearbest for providing the speaker for us to review! 🙂


Grab one now for a discounted price now from http://goo.gl/LQZ8jH! Coupon code – ForTechFans.

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