How is it holding up? FitBit Charge HR Follow Up


These days people are starting to use and wear fitness trackers more often. Still to some people it’s some people it’s still just some injection molded plastic or silicone that sucks in your money. However that may not be the case anymore, here with the FitBit Charge HR.

Heart Rate + Secure Latch Included

The FitBit Charge was essentially just the FitBit Flex but with the addition of a screen which I believe is not OLED like it is on the Charge HR. And now that leads on to saying that the Charge HR is based on the Charge with the addition of the heart rate monitor, and a secure latch. And I mean secure latch because a lot of relatives I know have complained that the Charge keeps falling off. In a way this addition was a good thing because the product was a big hit. This was good for FitBit because their reputation did take a fall because of the FitBit Force and some of their other discontinued products.

Now off to the more practical and informative part of this article. Lets start with the things that FitBit continued onto the HR. It still has that same loved silicone band that cause no discomfort at all, and coincidentally I am writing this article as I am wearing it. The OLED screen is great and it doesn’t wash out at all and it is easy to see in sunlight unlike the , “cough cough” FitBit Alta “cough cough.” The worst part is that it is not fully waterproof. Sure, maybe if you are washing dishes and it is right under the faucet and gets fully splashed you will be fine, but if you go swimming with it than please feel free to get a shovel and bury the FitBit Charge HR. The only issue that I have is the button placement even though I don’t use it much. Since most people place their watches on their left hand instead of their right hand, the button should be placed on the right side instead of the left side.


FitBit really brings forward the features that we as customers pay for. Well except for maybe the Blaze with its glitchy software and somewhat cheap feel. But FitBit has really stepped up their game and have kept a strong position in the fitness tracker field, even above Apple in my opinion. Would I recommend this to anyone, yes no doubt. You are getting your money’s worth with a nice and premium feel.

If this article wasn’t enough and you want a more in-depth review then watch my video:

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