The NoPhone Selfie – Best Budget Phone.


There are many great budget phones out in the smartphone market. Phones like the Honor 5x, Alcatel Idol 4s and Moto G4 are tough contenders in the budget smartphone market. Fortunately, the $15 dollar NoPhone Selfie can outperform any budget smartphone. In fact, the NoPhone can outperform any smartphone to date.

With a cheap price, a flawless screen, easily visible outdoors, a true-to-life front facing camera, the outstanding battery life which seems to last a lifetime, and its durability, the NoPhone Selfie has proven as a serious contender in the tech world. While like the Note 7 are water resistant, the NoPhone is the first phone to feature a fully waterproof design.

While using this phone, the experience was quite enjoyable. The only problem I had with this phone was simply that there weren’t enough features. While there are many specs the device boasts such as a legitimate true to life screen, the 0GB of storage onboard just wasn’t enough for me to continue taking pictures of my food.

Although the NoPhone has flaws here and there – so does every phone. Overall its a great phone, probably the best phone we reviewed – especially for what $15 can get you.



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