The iMessage Killers

Bot Bot Bot…

We have Siri, a groundbreaking personal assistant. Well, it didn’t really break the ground, or we would probably be swimming in molten rocks and lava. We have Cortana, Google’s personal assistant, and many more. But these two are also by Google.

Essentially personal assistants are made for quick browsing or maybe just to have fun when you are bored. You can also get quick answers, like the calculator or important dates. The problem is when we talk normally, like our everyday slang language, the assistant doesn’t really understand it. But in these two, Allo and Duo, you can talk slang and they will interpret it right.

2 in 1 deal

The whole time, I have been talking about personal assistants and you may think that these are also personal assistants. But these are actually iMessage killers who get paid giant sums. I’m just kidding, these are called the iMessage killers because of the fact that these are messaging apps- both of them. Crazy right? One messaging app is fine, but two? It’s not like I am going to have my family members in one and my dog in the other app. Essentially these two may have different features.

What makes them different from iMessage is that the interface looks very easy to use and that the two apps give suggestions. If your friends sends a picture of a mountain with a caption, the bot will give you suggestions related to the previous message. If you look at the interface, it is very similar to Google Hangouts, many tech YouTubers I know use Google Hangouts and they may be moving to Duo preferably in Android N. Sadly for me, I have an iPhone SE and they are both coming to IOS in the summer.


To be honest, I don’t know what Google was thinking with 2 apps, but they were more groundbreaking than Siri. Actually it may be mantle-breaking, just kidding. By looking at the amount of hype it has, if Google does fail in making it, then it will barely be carpet-breaking. Hopefully, it turns out as everyone is thinking of it!

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