The Merge VR Review! | A Marshmallow Version of Google Cardboard?


VR headsets are getting popular nowadays. VR Headsets such as the Rift, Vive, Gear VR and Google Cardboard have become a fun way for people to visit cool places and play cool games, in the comfort of their home. Today we have the MergeVR which is a upgraded Google Cardboard headset.


Merge did an great job packaging. The box it was shipped in was very sturdy and the box for the Merge its self was very strong. It hurts if I hit my self with the box which shows that the box is very strong. Inside the outer box there is  box that you pull out. Inside that box is another clear box. There inside the clear box is where the Merge its self is. In that clear box there is also an instruction manual with how to use it and safety.

The MergeVR


The Merge VR it’s self is very soft and comfortable to wear. It legitimately feels like marshmallows, lenses and a phone strapped on to my head. The Merge also has a very clean and cool looking color of purple. The lenses are moveable to get the best focus for anyone. The phone slips in perfectly and there are cut outs for the audio cable and charging ports. And for those that might be afraid that their device won’t work, I can happily tell ypi it will. The cut out is simply just a rectangular slot and the Merge claims that phone from the iPhone 5s to the 6s will fit. So almost any phone that can download apps and was made in the last 4 years or so work. The MergeVR is great but if you use bigger devices and play for long times then the Merge will feel heavy. This is nothing that Merge can do but hey, at least you don’t have to hold anything.


Honestly there are hundreds of apps on the App Store. The problem is that almost all of them are like 2 minute demos that you might play at CES, NAB, PAX, E3 etc. Another thing that was pretty disappointing is that you have to download an app for each demo which can get annoying and take up more useable storage. The MergeVR will be much better on the smartphone side if there was like an app called “MergeVR – Companion” and you can download apps from that. I know that is like Google cardboard but something new for just the Merge in the App Store will be a great addition to see. However I still like the large selection of available apps for VR.



Like I said a few times the Merge VR is great. It’s very comfortable and adjustable. There a great selection of interesting apps like roller coasters and some fighting games. The band’s make the Merge hands free and their precise cut outs makes charging and headphones easy to attach. The Merge has actual buttons that work and isn’t DIY style like cardboard. I can easy recommend this product to people. However the Merge comes at a steep price of $79.99. This may make you think twice before buying. On top of that you need a smartphone in the correct size range and compatible with VR apps. Still I think Merge is a great choice unlike Gear VR which is limited to the newer Samsung Phones like the S7 and Zesis VR One with sleds for the phone model. Leave a comment if you want me to compare the Zesis VR One with Merge VR. Merge offers a low price for something that might seem to cost more.


VR is quickly becoming something like the next generation of TVs. Merge VR offers an affordable yet great VR experience to the masses. With the awesome colors and great feature this is a great product. Some may still prefer the Gear VR because you have a Samsung phone but for the many of you with Apple and other devices the Merge VR is a great choice.

Big thanks to Merge for sending us the Merge VR. Check out this amazing VR product at the link below.


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