Xiaomi Mi Band Review | Better than the rest?


Chinese company, Xiaomi released their first fitness tracker 2 years ago. For $15 they managed to make a device that not only tracks how many steps you have taken, but also tracks how long you slept and gives you notifications. Lets see how well it does compared to the other fitness trackers like the Fitbit or the Garmin Vivo.


Design, Functions, and Features – Score: 10/10

This fitness tracker has a rubber bracelet with a silver finished metal oval at the top. The oval part is the tracker and is where every component like the sensors are located. It has 3 LEDs for notifications and also vibrates when you get a call, set an alarm, etc. This silver part can separate from the rubber exposing the charging terminals to charge. The bottom side or the part touching your wrist has nothing but the words “Mi”. If you get a newer one it can have heart rate sensors but this doesn’t. This tiny part has the battery which lasts about 30 days of 24 hour use. This device is also water and dust proof up to a certain point unlike the fitbit that broke with a splash of water. The newer ones are IP67 rated which is almost the top rating for water and dust proof. This particular model can track steps, length walked, the time period of walk/exercise, calories used, total amount of sleep, deep sleep and light sleep.



Accuracy – Score: 7/10


Well I have been using this for 2 weeks 24 hours a day. I ran 3 miles with it, and used it to track daily sleep and steps. This is the part Xiaomi let me down. When compared to the Garmin Vivosmart the Xiaomi Mi Band’s tracking was off a bit. I walked 500 steps around the block and the Vivosmart tracked exactly at 500 while the Mi Band got 516. This may seem like a little difference but for runners and people that cares about the number of steps they walk it’s a big deal.





Overall – Score: 17/20

Overall I like this device. It doesn’t have clock but you need a smartphone to use this and smartphones have clocks. The pricing is amazing for its features since a similar Garmin Vivosmart costs $90. This can track closely to the Vivosmart but not identical. The Mi Fit app which is the companion app for the Mi Band is great since the app design is also clean, colorful, and simple. The battery lasts about 30 days, and is waterproof up to a certain point.


Which to Buy?

Garmin Vivosmart – Exact, and Accurate. For people who track runs, walks, etc. People who needs accurate and exact data. Its costs much more but there are cheaper versions that work the same.

Xiaomi Mi Band – Close, not exact but not that far off. More for kids, parents and people who doesn’t care if the data is a little off. Lots of band colors.

Where to Buy?

Well most of you may go straight to Amazon but that’s not the best choice.

Screenshot from 2016-05-18 15:37:54Screenshot from 2016-05-18 15:37:36

GearBest is the place to go. GearBest offers lower prices than Amazon, come on time is a very trust-able site. They have a wide range of products from cell phones to PC parts all at lower prices. Click on the link here to buy the Mi Band.

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