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Thanks for Slickwraps for sending us a skin to review
Slickwraps is a company that provides skins for your device. Skins are becoming more popular and affordable to most people. Well lets see if a skin is better than a case. These skins add style to your device without taking away from the design, and in most cases make your device look better. The skin is thin enough so it doesn’t interfere with accessories such as cases. Slickwraps supports the majority of devices out there, both Android and iOS. Slickwrap skins come in many different colors and textures. Here I have a carbon fiber white for Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
Applying the skin was a breeze. Just go to the Slickwraps site and you’ll find a tutorial video for your device. The tutorial video walks you through on the process of applying the skin. A blow dryer is required for applying the skin. Its as simple as peeling the skin off the wax paper and gently applying it your device. If you mess up you can peel the skin off and try again as well.
The carbon fiber texture definitely feels better than the fake leather found on the back of my Note 4. The cuts are pretty precise, but it could be better. The top layer did meet with lefter side portion of the skin, thus leaving a black bar. The skin can pick up lint over time if you don’t correctly apply the skin to the device.

In the end the Slickwraps is something I would recommend to anyone.


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