Blackberry plans to release 2 more Android phones

Heard of the Blackberry Priv? That was Blackberry’s first good attempt at an Android smartphone. Now they’re back with 2 more midrange phones.


Mistakes were made

If you don’t already know, the Blackberry Priv was not much of a hit. The phone has a sliding keyboard with buttons that have touchscreen capabilities. You might think that the unique design should’ve gotten more sales but the big problem was the price tag. This phone sounds like it might be low 400 to mid 500 dollars, but no. This phone was tagged at a whopping 700 dollars which is pretty hard to afford. You could think that this was the sole reason that this phone was not bought much, but what happened is that the keyboard kept sliding down for no reason at all which is one of life’s biggest problems, loose keyboards.

This time Blackberry has Phone #1 which has a normal touchscreen keyboard, on the screen. Some might think that this might be the biggest solution but the price tag is also at 400 dollars for both phone. Now phone #2 has a physical keyboard much like the Priv, but it also has the price tag of 400 dollars which is a lifesaver. According to CEO John Chen, they are adding more secured hinges that will hold the keyboard from braking which means that the phone keyboard won’t slide according to John Chen. You will have a smaller screen and a normal physical keyboard.

Another reason for Blackberry to come back to Android instead of their own OS, is that they have a problem. You may heard about WhatsApp an international chatting app that is supported on Apple, Android, and Blackberry. Facebook and Whatsapp have announced that they are stopping their Blackberry support. The chances of the 2 biggest social apps stopping on 1 OS is pretty low, but Facebook owns WhatsApp so that could be your answer. This doesn’t mean that if you have a Blackberry OS phone, that Facebook and WhatsApp will mysteriously delete themselves from your phone, it just means that they will stop getting updates and 10 years later, you will be stuck with the plain old WhatsApp and your friends and family will have the more modernized look.



Blackberry and John Chen haven’t really leaked any information. This article contains all that we as a community know so far. In my separate opinion, if I were to buy a new phone switching from IOS to Android, I would probably buy these phones if they come out with Android Marshmallow but all in all these two phones might become a good seller!


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