Sony HDR AS200V Review | The GoPro Killer?

[bws_featured_post]Returning visitors would know that a while ago, I did a review of the same camera. However, I decided to take a more in-depth approach with it this time, and tell you more of my experience than simple specs.


Just to get it out of the way, here are the specs. This model records full HD video with rich 60Mbps data (no 4k), and up to 240fps p slo-mo in HD. It also has the Exmor R® CMOS sensor which does better in the dark than other cameras. The processor BIONZ X can record 50 mbps. This has Sony’s revolutionary SteadyShot™ image stabilization that works from bikes, skis, to aerial shots and more. This is a feature that GoPro doesn’t have. You can also control up to 5 Action Cam via phone app or LiveView™ remote which you have to buy separately. The app lets you live stream, view videos and even edit them.  It’s has an awesome built-in stereo mic for quality sound with wind noise reduction. This I tried at the beach and is true. This camera automatically creates highlight video in MP4 from multiple clips. The MP4 format makes editing much easier and you don’t have to convert any files It has loop recording which prevents from running out of memory card space. Live stream your video via a smartphone or even the computer. The advanced manual control allows flexibility in movie expression. This has a cool ultra wide up to 170° pro quality f/2.8 bright ZEISS® lens.

The Experience

I actually have been using this for a bit now. I used it at the beach where there is wind and water, I brought it to the snow and captured some video of me sledding and skiing, and this was mounted on my bike, which I brought to the BMX area of a neighborhood park and even took pictures from a moving car. People following us on Instagram will know this. I used this to play hiding out seek and have places it in various places in my house to see what people where up to or where they hid. I tried almost every feature mention above and my experience was great.

Waterproof Functionality

So the camera by its self claims to be splash proof but when it’s in the clear container, it’s waterproof. I put this to the test a few times. This was first done in a controlled environment in my sink and pour water on it and submerged it in water. Then this was brought to the snow and was used on sleds and body mounted when I went skiing.

IMG_2732Screenshot from 2016-03-31 20:09:47

The camera was FULLY waterproof and can still record awesome footage.

Image Quality

This was tested a few ways. The first one was from a moving car and the second was from a stopped position. The camera did very well in both conditions.



I am very surprised on how this camera performed in both conditions. It did very well from the car and just steady shot.


It did very well stabilizing my videos and record at high quality. This part you have to wait until my video releases since the files are huge. I can tell you that the footage compared to other digital cameras was more stable and clear.

Play Memories Mobile and PC

This is the free application made by Sony which lets you stream or watch recorded videos on your phone. This is available in the App Store as well as the Play Store. This application can be used on any Sony camera device with WiFi. You can still live stream the camera on your PC from anywhere in the world with USTREAM and this is a paid application but there is a free version for up to 5 viewers. The PC version can be used to import footage and delete footage. This was especially helpful since the action cam does not have an LCD screen unless you buy one. The PC application does support all Sony cameras. I think the software not that useful since you could just import the footage from the files section on your computer but this software was simple and clean. The app however is great to show videos on the go, watch the video you took and even look at what the camera is seeing.

Sony Action Cam Movie Creator

I personally have not used this much but it’s great. You can put the camera’s GPS data in your video, fast forward, slow motion and other basic editing. This is a free software from Sony but not that useful unless you have a Sony Action Cam. This application lets you update the camera software and use the streaming feature.

What I think could be better

Well the box itself has about 2 mounts which uses adhesives but other than that you have to buy them mostly from third party brands. There are Sony mounts but I couldn’t find any that I needed on Amazon at the time. The round shape unlike the GoPro made it hard to mount to some places but made it easier to hold so I guess that’s a trade off. Another thing is battery. Well this does give you about a day and a half of use but if you live stream or watch videos, the battery drains much faster. On the good side 15-30+ minutes of charging will charge the battery about half way. (This may vary. I used the Anker Astro E3 Gen 2 which was reviewed here.) Also the good part of this battery is that it can last weeks without draining much power.


I guess this wraps it up. This overall is a awesome camera for only $299 right now. (Amazon) You can buy other versions for about the same price but this model is the best. There is also a 4K version costing about $499 or sometimes lower on Amazon. This is Sony which is a great brand and a company that doesn’t overprice their products. I think this is the best “bang for you buck” action camera out there. Anyways, thanks your reading and please sign up for our free subscriber program on the right side for computers or bottom for mobile users, to keep up to date on TechBerge articles.

Honestly this camera is better than GoPro considering price, features, function and software.

Edited by Nick Suneja.

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