Nexus 5X: Mid-range Phone, Budget Price

The Nexus 5X is a great choice for people looking for a decent midrange phone with an awesome camera. Although the Nexus 5X may not be as big and bad as its bigger brother, the Nexus 6P, it does offer a lot, especially considering the price tag. With an activation of Project Fi, you can get the Nexus 5X for just $199.

For $199, you’re getting a huge bang for the buck, and the price tag is very hard to beat. Although I had a couple issues here and there, trust me, you will definitely not regret buying this phone.

The first issue I had is with the fingerprint scanner. Back when I visited Las Vegas for vacation I decided to test out the Nexus 5X. After getting the fingerprint scanner wet, it didn’t recognize my finger but a reset seemed to do the job. Another issue I had with it was the draining battery life. Even after doze, my 5X seemed to drop fairly quickly. This problem was also fixed by clearing the cache and downloading Greenify.

These flaws can be easily fixed and addressed, and are absolutely no reason to not want to buy this phone. The camera on this phone is surely one of the best ever smartphone cameras. Sporting a 12.3 megapixel Sony sensor on the back, and 1.55 micron pixels size, the Nexus 5X performs great in any conditions, especally in low light settings.

Here are a couple shots:

Shot on Vegas Roller


Bellagio Water Show













When it comes to performance, the Nexus 5X is fast enough for daily usage. Although its not as speedy as pricier flagships such as the Galaxy S7 or the Iphone 6s, it isn’t all that much slower. The phone is also very light and comfortable in the hand. It doesn’t have the slippery glass back on the Galaxy S7 or the slippery metallic feel on the Iphone 6s. It is also considerably lighter than both devices.

The battery was decent. While doze greatly helped improve standby, the phones battery while the screen was on wasn’t great but didn’t drain fast, either. I normally got about 3-4 hours of SOT, but after using Greenify and turning off settings like vibrate on tap, etc. I got about 4-5.

If you’re looking for a flagship like phone with a low price-tag and a great camera, this is the phone for you.

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