Wacom Intuos Review

A great tool for avid drawers and graphic designers!

What is it?

The Wacom Intuos Creative Pen and Tablet is a great tool for graphics designers and drawers. It connects to your computer Mac or PC via USB and is a tablet that is a drawing surface for your non-touchscreen computer. With the pen you can control the mouse cursor and when you draw in any type of sketch or photo-editing programs like Photoshop it will show up on your program nice and clear.


I have recently received a Wacom Intuos Draw for my recent birthday via Amazon and so far it works great! I have had no major issues so far. One problem that I encountered is that when you try to make dots, it won’t show up. You have to really try a few times or make a really small circle. Otherwise the tablet works great without any problem!

What’s in the box

It contains a CD which contains the software driver which is used to configure the 4 buttons that are on the tablet. If you do not have a CD drive on your computer, than you can download the software straight from Wacom’s website. It comes with a pen and a mini usb with a USB that is supposed to connect the tablet to your computer. The tablet comes in 3 different color combinations of all black, black and white, and black and light blue. Personally for mine I have chosen the light blue and black color. On the side of the inner box, you can find a serial code to go redeem your free software depending on what Intuos have. My Intuos came with ArtRage Lite which is originally 35 dollars. The pen contains 2 buttons plus a replaceable nib. 4 more extra nibs for the pen are located under the back panel on your tablet. You can add an SD card and put a battery which you can buy from Wacom to use your tablet wirelessly.

To find a full unboxing by me:


Overall this is a very good product and it works great. I have been using this so much that I think I gotten addicted to it (heehee). This is recommend to anybody out there that likes to draw and just hates to use a mouse.

Edited By: Koji Hirai

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