Anker PowerCore Mini Review | Better than Lipstick?

A while back I reviewed an Anker product and since I loved it so much I decided to order another one for a different purpose. More on that later, but anyway our friends at Anker gave us a huge discount which was another plus. But it deserve to be crowned “America’s #1 USB charging brand”? We’ll find out below.

Unboxing Experience

Anker uses environmental friendly material like recycled paper. Yet they have great packaging. They use minimal plastic or actually only 1 plastic bag using Eco-friendly materials. Even their manual and documentation they use recycled paper and also only has 2 documents. Their cardboard box is thin but it still looks and feels premium quality-wise. The inside is also all cardboard and no plastic.

Anker neatly wraps the battery in the Eco-friendly plastic and is fit securely to the box. Lift the top cardboard layer, and there you will find a mesh bag with a charging cable. Not only does the mesh bag protect your power bank, it is also an awesome way to save space. After that there are the 2 documents including the manual. That’s pretty much it.

Specs and Design

Well this is just a 3200mAh battery priced at only $10. This is a decent price compared to others because of Anker’s reliability. The input is 5V-0.8A and output is 5V-1A jsut like standard batteries. This is a circular battery with the height of 10 cm and diameter of 3.5 cm. This little guy is pretty light, especially for the amount of juice it has. Weighing in at 66.5 grams or 2.3 oz, the Powercore Mini is super travel friendly. This battery can easily fit in the palm of your hand! The Powercore is made up of thick plastic, making it both light and durable. The top has a Micro USB charging slot, USB input for the charging cable and a LED to indicate how much battery is left. The bottom just has the model info, model number and some specs. The side has the Anker logo on it and has the button to start charging and to check battery life. Overall a great design Anker, I like it. Did I mention that it comes pre-charged?


Charging Speed

Anker PowerCore Mini – Device boots in 13 minutes and full in 1.6 hours

Anker Astro E3 Gen. 2 – Device boots in 9 – 12 minutes and full in 1.5 hours

Xiaomi 5000 mAh Battery- Made dead device boot up in 15 min and full in 1.7 hours

Wall Charge – Made device boot in 20 min and full in 1.85 hours.

*Not all batteries have different mAh but this was tested on charge speed. Results may vary. Tested with iPod 5 without use during charge. WiFi and other communications were enabled.

The charging speed is not the best but all of the batteries performed about the same but all much faster than the wall.


Anker has a super long 18 month warranty which tells us how confident they are about their products. They have a super friendly support team that can be reached via both email and phone. They always answered my questions completely and respond quickly. They even paid for the shipping and gave me a new product when my Astro E3 broke! Then in around 2-3 days a brand new one was shipped to me! Awesome people at Anker. They not only sell batteries but phone cases, usb hubs, lanterns, speaker, cable etc. Be sure to go to for more details.



So is Anker “America’s #1 USB Charging Brand” just like it was stated on the box? My answer after the tests, support team, packaging and my overall experiences says Anker is America’s #1 USB Charging Brand. Anker is the company to go when you need batteries and other things as well. Some of you may be wondering my purpose buying this even though I have the Astro E3. Well it’s for the Sony Action Camera. I bought a case for it and wanted a charger that can charge it a few times and fit in the box. This was from Anker, fit in the box, enough mAh and didn’t cost much ($12 on Amazon but got for less). Overall this product is 5/5 and Anker is also 5/5! BEST COMPANY EVER FOR BATTERIES GUYS.

The title may seem weird but on Amazon it said “Portable: This lipstick-sized charger is extremely slim and lightweight, perfect for charging your phone on the go.” so I decided to make the title “Anker PowerCore Mini Review | Better than lipstick?”

Edited By: James Fu

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