Highlights of the Apple Event: March 2016

As all of you might or might not know, Apple had an event yesterday; keynote, presentations, a room full of Apple fanatics and press – the whole thing. But unfortunately not all of us could attend, or have the time to watch it afterwards. A brief summary from TechBerge ensues.

Here’s a recap of the entire event, new releases, and more.

First off, and possibly the most iconic, “Liam”. 

Photo from mashable.com

Liam is a special robot that Apple designed that takes apart your iPhone, separates all the parts and recyclable materials, and works efficiently doing so. While this is not a consumer product, it is certainly one of the most memorable so far this year.

Apple Watch – Price Drops and New Bands

Secondly, some news for Apple Watch. As we’ve seen with smartwatches this year, they aren’t doing the best. Whether that’s in sales, general interest, or functionality, it is simply an expensive extension to your already adequate handset.

However, for people who already own the gadget, there’s new bands. Nylon straps, leather bands, and more sports bands as well. Since Apple claims that 1/3 of all users frequently change their bands, this is the area they are putting efforts into. That’s not all, possible price drops are also expected, as with any aging tech.

Apple TV – New OS, added functionality.

Seemingly, the Apple TV is doing decent as well. An upcoming OS that brings folders, dictation, and support for 5,000 new applications for it. It is said to be released yesterday or today, depending on time zones.465689186_10

iPhone SE – Old Design, new specs.

Great news, the beloved iPhone 5s design is back; with rose gold, this time. A new, cheaper variant of the old Apple iPhone 5s called the “SE” has released, with similar specs to the 6s, but at a lower price tag and the same, 4-inch body that was said to be the best yet.

iOS 9.3 – Night shift, and bug fixes.

After nearly 7 beta versions of 9.3, it has finally released. Nothing too big, except for enhanced security, bug fixes, and a new “Night Shift” mode, similar to what we’ve seen in Flux. It varies the warmth of the screen to adapt and give a more comfortable viewing experience. With the entirety of scheduling features, sensors to do all the work for you, and even a toggle in the control center.

Photo from cultofmac.com
Photo from cultofmac.com

iPad Pro Updates – Smaller options, better specs.

As with tablets these, days, the iPad is not nearly as exciting as other products Apple has to offer. The iPad Pro from 2016 was huge, and with great speakers, and an accompanied Apple Pencil (that you had to buy separately), they brought that functionality to a smaller size – 9.7 inches. In hopes to adhere to the 2-in-1 family of tablets that attempt to be laptops, this could expand their sales to a broader span.

Anyways, that’s it for today, folks. Keep reading for an iPhone SE Review, full explanations and quick looks at the new products, and hopefully, we see more of Liam, who has already been loved by many engineering and Apple fans that heard of he keynote.

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