April PC Build | Better than pre-built?

PC build are back but instead of a weekly schedule it’s monthly. This month is my personal PC. Recently I bought some parts and then built a PC. Not only that but other things as well. For those that don’t believe that I bought and built it check out my video on it soon. Anyway lets get started.


This was based on my first ever PC build back in January. The $300 Intel PC Build was the base but with some improvements.

CPU: Pentium G3258

Just like that build I went with this CPU. I am upgrading in the future but I got this for now. It comes at a base clock at 3.20 GHz but I successfully overclocked to 3.50 GHz for now with stock cooler.

Motherboard: Asus Z97-E USB 3.1

This is were I started changing some parts. This is not the cheapest motherboard but its worth it. First of all it supports 2 way SLI if I get a different CPU unlike the H– boards. This also has better support for Windows 10 and last has USB 3.1. Some other great features are the number of SATA ports, m.2 support, and lots PCI-E support. This was only $119 at the store I went to but you can buy it for around $139 on Amazon. I honestly thought as I went through the store that this was the best possible one.

RAM: Corsair Vengeance LP 16GB

This is also another change. Instead of 8GB I got 16GB of RAM just to make things faster. This is also a great since it’s Corsair Vengeance RAM and was on sale for $75. It runs at a speed of 1600 mhz. This is around $80+ on Amazon depending on model etc. I do know that Kingston 16GB is about $60 on Amazon but the store only had Corsair and I didn’t have time to wait.

Storage: Seagate Barracuda 1TB Hard Drive

Also this wasn’t as expensive as the others.

I bought this because it was all they had left and is still a great hard drive. This was also only $45 instead of $70 for a higher end 1TB drive that they had.

Case: Cooler Master Force 500

This was only $60 and had a power supply of 500W. This isn’t the best looking case but it gets the job done at a lower price.



Mouse and Keyboard: Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse 2000

This was a set so it meant only 1 USB dongle and yah. This isn’t a gaming keyboard or mouse but good for a while.

Monitor: ViewSonic VG2428WM-LED 24-Inch Screen LED-lit Monitor

This is a full 1080p monitor costing around $200. I can’t get 4k but since I didn’t have a graphics card. This is a great 24″ monitor with LED back lighting.


Future Upgrades


This is to make things faster. The brand is not decided.

Windows 10

I know you can buy it online for $20 but I just bought it for $100. It costed the same as Windows 8 and since Windows 10 was better and you didn’t have to upgrade manually. I am running Ubuntu 14.04 instead but works just fine.

GeForce GTX 960

At the time this was written (After the build) I haven’t chosen a company yet. I may get a different card but is still unknown. This will most likely be in the video.



This overall is costing me around $680 but is pretty worth it. This doesn’t end here though. Upgrades will be coming soon, PC build video, PC performance test and full setup tour soon. If any company reading this wants to send me some parts please email techberge@gmail.com.

Leave a comment below for recommended upgrades and changes I should have done.

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