Android N Review

Faster than ever, the newest version of Android – N, is right around the corner. It’s been just a couple months since Google released Android Marshmallow, and Google has already released the developer preview and it is now available for download. Please note that this software is NOT finalized (hence the words “developer” and “preview” and is definitely not suitable for use as a daily driver, especially for non-developers.

Although there are a couple bugs and glitches here and there, Google did a great job on adding features.


Android N Homescreen (With First Official Android N Wallpaper)


Battery Life: Battery life was pretty good, almost better than Marshmallow, but had occasional drops during usage. Standby is even more amazing than Marshmallow, as doze is activated every time the screen turns off. Phone gets about 3-4 hours SOT on a single charge.


Google also added spit-screen. Now you can simultaneously run 2 apps.


New Notification screen: Although not shown, Google also added quick reply, so you can reply when you’re busy or using another app.


Google added more features to its System UI Tuner: Now you can change the icons displayed. Google also brought back dark theme and night mode.


Benchmarks: The Nexus 6P scored a little better than it did on Android M. On Android N the Nexus 6P scored 82,135 points whereas in android N it scored 86,278. Although this is not a huge improvement it shows that Google is implementing software optimization into their latest OS.



In conclusion, Android N may not seem different from Android M, Google is obviously stepping in the right direction. Google improved doze, optimized the OS, and added “sweet” new features (split screen & night mode)

Want to test it out? The easiest way to update your phone is by enrolling in the Android Beta Program. Although, this is not the safest way, as my device froze on the booting screen while updating and got soft bricked. The safest way is to flash the OS. Instructions can be found here.

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