Month: February 2016

iMessage on Android?

Are you that person who just can’t afford an iPhone and bought a cheap Microsoft or Android phone and you can’t communicate with your friends because they all have iPhones? Well, this article is for you! iMessage ported to Android? Cook reportedly told his staff that sooner Apple may bring other apps and exclusive services to […]

Anker Astro E3 Gen 2 | Review

External batteries are becoming a must haves now but who knows what to buy. There are thousands of different battery banks right now some costing $10 to even way over $100. Today I will be showing you what I think is the best for your money and review it. Well what are you waiting for? […]

MAJOR Toshiba Recall

Well guess what the amazingly priced Toshiba laptops are being recalled. This is NOT ALL MODELS and which the model numbers are listed in the linked websites below. You can always check the Toshiba website more detailed or updated information. Keep reading to find out more about this recall. This was originally announced on their […]

Tesla Model 3 Unveiling

Nowadays people think about what they have and how can they become really popular and cool looking, that is why there is so much demand, cars are one of the ways to look cool. Tesla one of the biggest car companies is unveiling there new Tesla Model 3. This will be just like there first […]

Gaming PC Build | $700 Intel i5 and GTX 960

Good builds can be costly, however with enough thought put into it, you can create a relatively cheap build with incredible performance. This build features an Intel Core i5, Zotac GeForce GTX 960, and a Corsair CX 500W power supply, for only $711.05 (prices may vary). PCPartpicker Link: CPU: Intel Core i5-4460k As stated […]

iPhone 5SE and and 6C

All of our iPhone users are always excited for new phones every year. This year Apple is told to possibly release 3 types of iPhones. This may make many iPhone users happy to have more choices. Keep reading to find out more. Is it Real? The iPhone generation ranges from the first ever 3-inch iPhone […]