Month: January 2016

Which Gaming Laptop: Alienware or MSI?

When I think of getting a good gaming laptop, two brands usually come to mind: Alienware and MSI. (Sorry Razer, not today!) Today, I have picked out two laptops. The first one is the Alienware AW17R3-4175SLV. The second one is the MSI Ghost Pro. These computers are both around $2,000 USD each. So, without further ado, let […]

Intel Pentium G3258 VS. AMD Athlon X4 860K

If you’ve been catching up on our latest articles, you know we’ve talked about the Intel Pentium G3258 processor many many times. Today, I will be bench-marking this CPU’s performance and comparing it to the AMD Athlon X4 860K. You guys will  be surprised how well the G3258 holds up against the quad core Athlon […]

Gaming PC Build | $300 Intel Edition

Welcome to the $300 Super Budget Gaming PC Build Intel Edition. This PC isn’t about getting 1000 fps on ultra settings on 4k or anything like that. This PC is for 1080 p gaming with possible upgrades later to play 4k. All components are linked with the pcpartpicker link below. Also we would like to […]

Japan Display Developing OLED Screens for iPhone?

Recent claims from Japan Display state that they are beginning mass production of OLED screens within the next couple years (Reuters). Speculation has predicted these OLED screens being implemented into the elite smartphone lineup; iPhones. While Apple has seemed to avoid OLED screens in the past, only using them when battery life is prioritized over […]

An iPhone 5se Might Be Coming

Apple is reportedly making a 4-inch iPhone. Now, 9to5Mac claims to have details on what we should expect. The new phone is believed to be a refined version of the iPhone 5s. Apple is taking the hardware and power of the iPhone 6 and putting in an iPhone 5s chassis.  So this new phone would have […]

Top 5 Budget Gaming PC CPU

When building a gaming pc, the CPU can be a difficult choice. Ranging anywhere from under $100 to over $3,000, there’s room for plenty of preference. 5 CPU’s stood out for their price and features. Intel Pentium G3258 – $70  This is a super budget gaming cpu at around $70USD or lower (Click Here to Buy). […]

Techberge Update V1.1

Hello Techberge viewers, ever since Techberge’s foundation, our team has been committed to constantly bring quality content – whether that be reviews of certain products or devices, gaming documentation, or articles involving technology. Whats New in V1.1 Today we proudly announce that we officially created a YouTube channel called TechBerge TV (Click Here) The videos will […]

Can You Game? #1| HP Stream 11

The HP Stream 11, the wonderful $199 laptop great for school but can you game on it? We will find out today how it performs when you play the new games which require better CPUs and GPUs. Keep reading to find out more. Specs This computer has the Intel Celeron N2840 processor with the Intel […]