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Top 5 Budget Gaming PC Graphics Card (GPU)

The GPU or more commonly known as the graphics card is 1 of the most important parts in a gaming PC build. The problem is that the awesome ones like the GeForce GTX Titan X can be really pricey at around $1,100 USD. Meanwhile the Radeon HD6450 which is $26 card (After mail in rebate) but […]

Top 5 Budget Gaming PC CPU

When building a gaming pc, the CPU can be a difficult choice. Ranging anywhere from under $100 to over $3,000, there’s room for plenty of preference. 5 CPU’s stood out for their price and features. Intel Pentium G3258 – $70¬† This is a super budget gaming cpu at around $70USD or lower¬†(Click Here to Buy). […]

Can You Game? #1| HP Stream 11

The HP Stream 11, the wonderful $199 laptop great for school but can you game on it? We will find out today how it performs when you play the new games which require better CPUs and GPUs. Keep reading to find out more. Specs This computer has the Intel Celeron N2840 processor with the Intel […]

CS GO: The Most Expensive Skin (As of 1/21/16)

If you’ve played the game “Counter Strike: Global Offensive,” then you would know that there are decorations for your weapons called “skins.” The cheapest skins go for 3 cents on the Steam shop, but the most expensive one can go up to $50,000 USD! That’s enough to buy a car. “But Daniel, on the market […]