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Can you Game? #2| Dell XPS 13 QHD+

This was a very popular article back in January and I have decided to make a sequel to that article. This time it’s a much higher end laptop, the Dell XPS 13 QHD+. The FHD version will be part 3 which will come soon. Brief Specs It has the Intel Core i5-5200U CPU with 128GB […]

The iMessage Killers

Bot Bot Bot… We have Siri, a groundbreaking personal assistant. Well, it didn’t really break the ground, or we would probably be swimming in molten rocks and lava. We have Cortana, Google’s personal assistant, and many more. But these two are also by Google. Essentially personal assistants are made for quick browsing or maybe just […]

iPhone SE User Experience

DISCLAIMER: This is only a user experience and not a review The Works I was mind blown right when I started using it. You might think, “Blah Blah, stop blabbing and get to the point already!” But I can’t, it’s too good. I have had this phone for only 2 weeks but I am already […]

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker Review: Perfect for MI

A while back, Xiaomi released a new bluetooth speaker. Like all Xiaomi products I’ve used, there’s one way to put it – simply breathtaking. For twenty dollars, I’ve never expected anything like this. This speaker packs two strong stereo speakers into a sleek package, and has metal edges, making it a hard to beat speaker […]

Sony HDR AS200V Review | The GoPro Killer?

[bws_featured_post]Returning visitors would know that a while ago, I did a review of the same camera. However, I decided to take a more in-depth approach with it this time, and tell you more of my experience than simple specs. Specs Just to get it out of the way, here are the specs. This model records […]

Huawei Honor 5x Review: A Killer Budget Phone

Disclaimer: This product was provided for Review by honor USA. I used this device for a period of 30 days. Ever since the OnePlus One’s release a couple years ago, the entire smartphone market has been scrambling to create sub-$300 phones with the same feature list as some of today’s flagships. While the flagship market has barely […]

What is RAID? | Quick Tech #5

Raid may be confusing for many people that are just entering the server world. After you understand it is very simple. Lets get started. Raid stands for a Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives. With RAID you can do many thing great for your server that 1 drive can’t do. There are also many types due […]

Nexus 5X: Mid-range Phone, Budget Price

The Nexus 5X is a great choice for people looking for a decent midrange phone with an awesome camera. Although the Nexus 5X may not be as big and bad as its bigger brother, the Nexus 6P, it does offer a lot, especially considering the price tag. With an activation of Project Fi, you can get the […]

Pebble firing 25% of their workers

Pebble, the company that marked the most successful Kickstarter event in tech history, is laying off 25% of their staff. Recently confirmed by Techradar, the tech giant announced that they are firing 25% of its workers. This is about 40 employees of their staff. We are not exactly sure why CEO Eric Migicovsky of Pebble […]