Author: Nick Suneja

Highlights of the Apple Event: March 2016

As all of you might or might not know, Apple had an event yesterday; keynote, presentations, a room full of Apple fanatics and press – the whole thing. But unfortunately not all of us could attend, or have the time to watch it afterwards. A brief summary from TechBerge ensues. Here’s a recap of the […]

Gaming PC Build | $700 Intel i5 and GTX 960

Good builds can be costly, however with enough thought put into it, you can create a relatively cheap build with incredible performance. This build features an Intel Core i5, Zotac GeForce GTX 960, and a Corsair CX 500W power supply, for only $711.05 (prices may vary). PCPartpicker Link: CPU: Intel Core i5-4460k As stated […]

Uber Tracking Drivers for Enhanced Security

Uber is currently the most popular on-demand taxi service application, right beside Lyft. The convenience of being able to summon a self-employed car-driver from your smartphone is one of the greatest achievements in modern technology. There are some cons in comparison to a normal taxi service, one is safety. While Uber is intelligent and making […]

GoPro and Periscope Introduced

Action cameras have now been redefined. Twitter and GoPro have made an interesting collaboration, bringing the platform Periscope‘s livestreaming to the most popular action camera, the GoPro Hero series. Periscope is powered and run by Twitter, and is a downloadable mobile app as well, used by just about anyone with a Twitter account – that’s […]

Apple and VR: Speculation

Apple isn’t exactly the type of company to make VR, as it is commonly made fun of, as seen with the Google Glass project a couple years back, and even today, while VR isn’t as much of a dream anymore, it looks unusual at first glance. However Apple is unpredictable, but when they get found […]

Japan Display Developing OLED Screens for iPhone?

Recent claims from Japan Display state that they are beginning mass production of OLED screens within the next couple years (Reuters). Speculation has predicted these OLED screens being implemented into the elite smartphone lineup; iPhones. While Apple has seemed to avoid OLED screens in the past, only using them when battery life is prioritized over […]