Author: Yash Khaitan

Pebble firing 25% of their workers

Pebble, the company that marked the most successful Kickstarter event in tech history, is laying off 25% of their staff. Recently confirmed by Techradar, the tech giant announced that they are firing 25% of its workers. This is about 40 employees of their staff. We are not exactly sure why CEO Eric Migicovsky of Pebble […]

Tesla Model 3 Unveiling

Nowadays people think about what they have and how can they become really popular and cool looking, that is why there is so much demand, cars are one of the ways to look cool. Tesla one of the biggest car companies is unveiling there new Tesla Model 3. This will be just like there first […]

HTC One M10 Rumor Roundup

HTC has been continuing their legacy since the 1990’s. They have released amazing products, setting new standards for building quality and functionality in smartphones for years to come. Their HTC M series is one of their most popular – and a new one is set to arrive soon. HTC One launches are traditionally held just […]

Microsoft Surface Phone Speculation

Microsoft is known for their balance between marketing and technology, specializing in business. However, in the last few years, they have increased their focus in consumer technology. The Surface Pro lineup is a great example – outmatching any other tablet out there in every aspect. Windows Phone, however, has been an exception. The OS has […]

iPhone 7 Rumors

Apple has been doing well in there products things like the Macbook and their iPhone. Apple is one of the world’s largest companies and the iPhone which is one of there products is the most successful product line they have, they kind of have to be successful on their iPhone lineup because people rely on […]

Sony Xperia Z6 Lite

Sony is and will always be a company that people will worship because of their new innovation ideas from there designers that has and will play a key role in the formatting of the next gen technology in the future world. So far they have released technology that companies like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft can do. […]

The Nexus 6P Quick Look

Nexus is a lineup of smartphones and tablets created by Google. Google has now come up with a phone that will probably dominate like it used to. Google has come up with a new phone called the Nexus 6p which was introduced in the Google Keynote that happened on 9/29/2015. Display and Design The Nexus […]

Lumia 950 And 950XL Quick Look

Microsoft is a big company producing many types of products like the Surface Pro or like the Xbox One. One of their greatest accomplishments is the Windows operating system. It was created in 1982 named Windows 1.0 and lasted until 1985. Since then Microsoft has been making many advancements to their software and now the […]